Specially crafted chocolate from Mr Brown for you and your loved ones

Chocolates are the best gift ever, even better if they are designer. Not only they taste good but they also look good and they leave lasting impression on your loved ones and clients. Such is a magic of chocolates.

Your favorite bakery in Lucknow, Mr. Brown, not only makes awesome cakes but also crafts equally awesome chocolates. We have some rich creamy nutty chocolates to make your day special. Have a look at this one.

This beautiful chocolate has great crunch of Kaju. The nuttiness of Cashew Nuts coated with the sweetness of chocolate makes it a great delight. And don’t miss the design ! Just beautiful

Now look at this one. This is a treat for those who can never ever have enough of chocolates. This Truffle Chocolate is dark, intense and just so beautiful.

If you are a Pista lover, just have a look at this one. This beauty is made with finest cocoa and green Pista. This shiny piece of chocolate is a winner for sure.

Chocolate and Butterscotch go hand in hand. The Butterscotch crunch coated with chocolate is a dream comes true for all chocolate lovers. Have a look.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Walk in to our store, to see more variety of Chocolates; we have four outlets in Lucknow. If you are too busy to visit our stores, you can buy chocolates online in LucknowWe provide same day delivery in Lucknow also we will wrap your chocolates beautifully!


Delicious cookies for all you smart cookies in Lucknow

Such a delight cookies are. Soft, crumbly and totally yum. Just one or two is enough to make tea/ coffee time special and it becomes even more special when the cookies are from Mr. BrownMr. Brown has array of yummy cookies for you. Have a look.

This is the best selling cookie from Mr. Brown. This dark chocolate cookie has a beautiful crunch of Cashew. This will be hit amongst kids as well. Packing this along with fruits for their lunch will be a good idea. Also, your kids would love to dunk it in their glass of milk.

Now look at this one.

This cookie is loaded with the goodness of almonds. The flakes stuck on the cookies make it look so beautiful. Gifting this one to your friends and family will leave a long lasting impression on them.

If you are into sweet stuffs. We have this cookie for you.

This a buttery salted cookie meant for those who do not have sweet tooth. The soft crumbling cookie just melts in your mouth. This goes perfectly with hot cup of ginger tea.

For all you health freaks, we have Maida free cookies made with Multi grains. Look at this healthy beauty.

This can be a perfect cookie for your health freak friends and relatives. Enjoy this cookie guilt free!

And we have a sugar free too! This is one is made from Aata (Whole Wheat flour)

Who says healthy can’t be tasty. And then we have the one made with Oats.


Full of fibre, this is a low cal cookie. You can buy all the cookies online in Lucknow.We deliver same day in Lucknow. Didn’t we say we are the best Bakery in LucknowYou can also visit us, we have four outlets in Lucknow.

Coffee cakes for all Coffee freaks out there in Lucknow

If you are somebody who’s instantly cheered up by a cup of well made coffee, then we have a special cake for you. The Coffee cakes from Mr. Brown is a perfect cake for those who love their cake as much their coffee.

Laced with coffee, these cakes are true delight for those who do not have sweet tooth as sweetness of cake is well balanced by bitterness of coffee.

Mr. Brown has variety of coffee cakes. Have a look.

This beautiful cake is topped with coffee powder and exotic fruits. It also has a beautiful decoration of chocolate. This cake is a wonderful combination of coffee and chocolate and those who are fond of both, will love it for sure.
Now look at this one.

This cake is too beautiful to cut ! This cake is beautifully decorated with exotic fruits and white chocolate. The frosting has a beautiful subtle flavour of coffee which will make you have this cake again and again.

Now look at this one

This cake is a true delight ! It is coated with candied walnut which will add nice crunch to the cake. The rich chocolate coffee flavour of this cake will make you fall in love with it.

Your cake can be easily customised as per your need. If you have a design, please feel free to contact us. We have four outlets in Lucknow. If you want to be delivered at home, you can order cake online in LucknowWe are pioneer at delivering cake online. We will deliver same day.

Beautiful Birthday cakes to sweeten your day even more

Blueberry Cake (1)Birthdays are always special, those candles, gifts and wishes, make us feel so special that we can’t help but wait for Birthdays again and again. And it feels even more special when more than us, when our family and friends are as excited as we are. Special Birthdays demands special cakes, what is Birthday after all without cakes?

There are so many cake flavours you can choose, Pineapple, Chocolate, and Butterscotch and if you want to go exotic, then there you have Red Velvet, Blueberry, Truffle and so on.

Choosing a Birthday cake is no brainer, you just have to know what you like!

Mr. Brown has been making Birthdays special since years and it continues to do so. We have great variety of Birthday cakes, just have a look.

Chocolate Cake (10)

This is a beautiful chocolate cake topped with fruits. That yellow flower on the top, white ring and the splash of red colour is adding more to the charm of the cake. Chocolate cake is the most loved cake in the world and we bet this is the best Chocolate cake in Lucknow from the best bakery in Lucknow.

This is Pineapple cake from Mr. Brown


This pineapple cake is frosted with butter cream and it has bright red flowers sitting pretty on the top. This cake is simple yet very elegant looking. Also, this cake is very instagram worthy!

Now look at this Blueberry cake from Mr. Brown

yummy-blueberry-cake_1 (1)Glazed with Blueberry jam and topped with edible flowers, this cake is so pretty that it would hurt to cut it. The chocolate triangles stuck on side are only making it even more beautiful. Oh and don’t miss the cherries. Just beautiful!

If you are looking for a designer/theme cake then you must go for Fondant ones.

cake_8Sky’s the limit when go for fondant cakes. Mr. Brown has many varieties of Fondant Cakes and if you have design in your head, you are most welcome to discuss with us. We have four outlets in Lucknow.

Last but not the least, if you are somebody who do not have sweet tooth, then we have a Tiramisu cake for you.  Tiramisu is an Italian dessert made from Mascarpone cheese and Coffee. Mr. Brown has made a cake out of it!  So, you can have your cake and eat it too!

tiramisuIf you are too busy to visit the bakery, just log in to www.mrbrownbakery.com and order cake online in Lucknow for same day delivery.

Beautiful wedding cakes to make your occasion even more special

Cutting a cake on Wedding had never been part of Indian tradition but Lucknowites seem to be slowly catching up with the trend. There are many Bakeries in Lucknow who make special wedding cakes on prior order. Mr. Brown is one of the best bakeries in Lucknow and make really great wedding cakes.

wedding cake

This is fondant cake, In fact, most of the wedding cakes are fondant cakes. Cakes are layered on each other and are held together with a help of a plastic rod. After that they are covered with Fondant and then finally decorated with edible colours and glitters.

This is a lovely Truffle cake for couples who love chocolates. This cake clearly symbolizes gifts. Yes, wedding is after all about gifts and blessings. And that Golden ribbon just makes the cake all the more prettier.

Now look at this

wedding cake2

This is a pineapple cake covered with fondant. The beautiful edible rose petals say all about Indian wedding. The white background enhances the look of rose even more. Didn’t we say Mr Brown makes Best wedding cakes in Lucknow.

Now look at this one. This is the classic wedding cake that never goes out of style.


If you have designs in your head , please walk in to Mr Brown Bakery, we have four outlets in Lucknow. Wedding cakes are mostly huge and need time for preparation and decoration. Hence , please keep in mind that customization can’t be done in haste. So, we suggest, you approach us in advance to get the wedding cake that everyone will remember.
However, if you are looking for a simple cakes, you can simply log in towww.mrbrownbakery.com and place your order. We provide same day delivery in Lucknow.. Or you can call us.

Get Love Theme Cakes from Mr. Brown to Steal Their Hearts

There’s definitely a connection between love and cake. A bite of cake truly a bliss just like being in love is. No wonder, since centuries, people have been sending cakes to the one they love. Having cake together is like reliving those bittersweet moments together. Sending cake to the sweetheart who is not in the same city as yours means you truly love them and thinking of those sweet moments you spent with them.

If you are looking for perfect cake for the one you love, this post is for you. Look at some Lovely heart shaped cakes from Mr. Brown BakeryLucknow  that you can buy for your love.

Look at this lovely cake, for instance. This chocolate cake is topped with beautiful red roses. Doesn’t this cake say all ? BTW did you know chocolate has a substance called Phenylethylamine, which is known as ‘ love drug’ because it arouses feelings similar to those that occur when you are in love. Gifting this cake to your loved ones will make them so happy ! You can also buy cake online from Mr. Brown.

Look at this beautiful yummy pink cake. The colour pink represents friendship, harmony, approachability and inner peace. So, gifting this cake will say convey a lot more than words could say. The strawberry flavor is too good to be missed.

This is a beautiful Black forest for those who equally love both vanilla and chocolate. This has ample amount of chocolate shavings to make it look so beautiful. And that cherry on the top is icing on the cake. Order Black forest cake online in Lucknow.

Red velvet Cake is one of the most popular cake ever, mainly for its red colour and crumbly texture. The colour red symbolises love and sending this cake to the one you love will convey everything that words can’t. And miss the text on the cake. Order redvelvet cake online in Lucknow.

If you are looking for customization, feel free to walk in to Mr. Brown, we have four outlets in the city. If you are too busy for that, you can order cake online from Mr. Brown’s website which is www.brownbakery.com

Take a break from the traditional Desi sweets that are and make a room for Baklava

Take a break from the traditional Desi sweets that are and make a room for Baklava. Whether it’s an occasion to remember or just an another day when you are caught between the battle of sweet tooth and calorie consciousness, this sweet delight from the lands of Mediterranean never fails to delight your senses.
Layers and layers of pastry (Filo) filled with goodness of nuts baked to the golden perfection and then finally immersed in rose scented honey syrup. Sweet but not overtly sweet, just the way you like. With the crunchy texture that guarantees party in your mouth, the Baklavas at Mr Brown authentic and are winner for sure and they come in different varieties that tempt your eyes before they reach your taste buds.
What makes Baklavas even more special is the fact that they satiate your sweet cravings without making your diet plans go for toss. They are baked not fried and the filling of almond and pistachio make it rather healthy especially in festive seasons when you are already bombed with calories. No wonder Baklavas are essential part of Ramadan platter in Mediterranean. And may we just add Mr. Brown Bakery was the first one to introduce this piece of heaven to Lucknowities?
What are you waiting for? There can be no better than surprise your loved ones than today! We have more than variety of Baklava for you.
Look at this one. This is such a beautiful Baklava loaded with nuts
Now look at this one with the sweetness of honey and crunch of almonds. We bet this is the Best Baklava in Lucknow
 This is a beautiful nest baklava which is tastes as good as it looks. This is a great gifting option.
This is a beautiful pouch baklava filled with nuts and honey.
You can also buy Baklava online. Just log in to www.mrbrownbakery.com and place your order for same day Baklava delivery in Lucknow.