What All It Takes To Make A Bakery Truly Great

Mr. Brown Bakery

There is no dearth of Bakeries in Lucknow. There’s one at every nook and there will always be more. Choosing the bakery that will cater to your needs becomes a little difficult when every Bakery in Lucknow claims to be the best and promises to make your event memorable.

No matter what the bakeries claim, it is always the customers who rate the business accurately. In this post, we will talk about the factors that make a bakery truly the best.

Best ingredients possible

All the ingredients like sugar, Flour, Butter, eggs and Whipped cream should be of top-notch quality. Inferior quality ingredients not only affect the health of the consumers but also alienate the taste. Nobody wants to go to a party where a bad quality cake is served. Apart from that, the bakery should make sure they are using nothing but fine quality edible colors.

Ask your friends; relying on word of mouth publicity is a good idea. You can also check online reviews of various Bakeries in Lucknow.  Some bakeries like Mr.Brown always have high ratings.

They should always sell freshly baked cakes

Mr. Brown Bakery

Do you know what a stale cake would do to your health? Can you even imagine having a cake that doesn’t smell good? Nightmarish, isn’t it?

No matter how great the ingredients used in the cakes are, if the cake is not fresh, it doesn’t mean anything. Usually, when the bakery manages to attract the considerable amount of crowd, mostly all the cakes are sold out by the end of the day and fresh cakes are baked every day. Therefore, it is very important that you always go for highly rated and trusted bakeries where cakes are sold quickly. There’s a reason why Mr. Brown Bakery doesn’t take any same day cake delivery order after 6 PM because most of their best selling cakes are already out by that time.

Helpful and Polite staff

People often get confused when buying a cake. Sometimes, they are neither sure about the flavor nor the size. In such cases, the staff comes in handy. The good staff knows how to help consumers choose the right cake to grace their perfect occasion.

Also, it is important no customer goes unattended no matter how crowded the bakery is. The well-trained staff knows how to take care of the customers.

Customization of cake

Mr. Brown Bakery

All the top-notch Bakeries in Lucknow already have a plethora of designs to choose from. However, some occasions like Kid’s Birthday Party and wedding Anniversary demand something extra special. Therefore, it is important that the bakery you have chosen have trained bakers who pay attention to details and design the kind of cakes the customers want.

Other details like minimizing the amount the amount of frosting/ icing and making it completely egg free when demanded is equally crucial.

Once the designer cake is done, it is very important that it is packed carefully and inform the customers about the ideal temperature the cake should be kept at.

One stop destination for the parties.

When there’s a party at home, especially a Birthday Party, along with a cake, the customer usually like to buy other stuff like Sandwiches, Mini Pizzas, Patties, cookies etc. Getting everything yummy under one roof really helps.  Mr. Brown, for instance, is one such Bakery. If you are looking for a different dessert to serve after dinner, do try their Baklava.  

Also, Bakeries must have other stuffs crucial for Birthday parties like designer candles, disposable cutleries, Birthday Caps etc.

Extremely good online services:

Last but not the least; your Bakery should work both Offline as well as online. In this Era when everything and everybody is going online, why should your bakery be behind? It is so convenient when you get your cake delivered to your doorstep. Your Bakery should have such strong online services where you can simply choose your cake, get your message written on it and get it delivered at your place.

Online services play a crucial part when you need to send a cake to your friend or relative. Mr. Brown has great services when it comes to delivering cakes online in LucknowYou can also send Greeting Cards and roses along with your cake. Buy Cakes online in Lucknow here, www.mrbrownbakery.com.

Why Mango Cake is a Good idea and why Lucknow loves it


Dessert lovers across the world make sure that they have their desserts laced with mango. It’s such a wonderful fruit after all. Because of its pulpy texture and sweet tangy taste, mangoes are capable of adding the distinct flavor to any dessert, be it Our Indian Kheer and Barfi or Pudding, Custard or Cake.

Pulpy fruits in cake

Fruits are often incorporated in cakes as a key ingredient. Not only they add a wonderful flavour to the cake but also add nice texture. Pulpy fruits such as Mango and banana when added to the cake batters make them incredibly soft and fluffy.mango_cakes_half_kg_4_

Mango in cakes

Mango being the most popular fruit in the world has special place in desserts specially cakes.

In fact many tropical countries have their own version of mango cakes. For instance, In Thailand ,bakeries sell these special cakes made with mangoes and coconut. On the other hand Filipinos like their Mango cakes with layered cream.

Cheesecake lovers would swear on those with mangoes. Sweetness of mango when mixed with cream cheese make heavenly a dessert.

So we see, Mango Cake is a popular cake choice across the world andLucknow is no exception. It not only tastes good it also looks good. Mango pulp and pieces are added in cake batter to make a soft mango flavored sponge. After that, Mango puree and fine pieces are mixed with whipped cream to make a flavorsome filling and finally, the cake is frosted with whipped cream and topped with fresh Mangoes, cherries, and other fruits.

Some Bakeries in Lucknow also add Mango sauce on the cake top to make it look and taste better. Like this one

Mr. Brown Bakery

Look at heart shaped Mango Cake from Mr. Brown topped with Mango sauce and mango pieces. This cake, not only can be good choice for Birthdays but also other occasions like Anniversary, Engagement and many others.

In fact , this creamy, yummy and soft cake can be savoured any time. A generous piece after the lunch will make your day for sure.

Sending a cake like this  to your loved ones will be a nice gesture, especially in summers when the sun is scorching. A chilled piece of Mango Cake with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream is all you need to beat the heat.

Only a few Bakeries in Lucknow sell Mango Cheesecake. It’s lighter than normal cakes, hence can be a preferred choice for weight watchers.

mango_cakes_3_This Mango Cheesecake from Mr. Brown has lovely Mango florets on top. This cake can be the ultimate cake for the Mango lovers and can be a great choice when hosting parties in summers.

Apart from everything else, Mango Cheesecake can be a great gifting option. It’s so pretty after all. You can buy your Mango Cheesecake online from Mr. Brown Bakery easily. They have same same day delivery of cakes in Lucknow.

If you don’t want a Cheesecake topped with Mangoes, then you should go with this one.Mr. Brown Bakery

This one is rather simple with beautiful swirls made on Mango sauce. Gifting this piece of art to your loved ones will leave a lasting impression on them.

How To Choose An Anniversary Cake To Make Your Day Memorable

Wedding anniversaries are always special; it’s that one day after all when the lovey-dovey rejoice the time lived together. The greetings and blessings from loved ones, the wonderful gifts from the other half, the food, the flowers and the last but not the least, the cake. What is not to love?

Gone are the days when cake cutting in India was only restricted to Birthdays. Now every occasion demands a cake and wedding anniversaries are no exception. Choosing a right might look like a cakewalk except it’s not. So many flavors each tasting yummy, so many designs each looking prettier than the other and so many bakeries each are claiming to be the best bakery in Lucknow. When there are so many options, choosing that one showstopper cake becomes a little difficult.

In this post, we will let you know how to choose the best ever cake to make your anniversary memorable.

The Flavour

The most important of all the factors. When the flavor is right, everything else just falls automatically in line. If you are a friend arranging the cake for the couple, please ensure the flavor you choose is liked by both the man and woman in the question. You might buy them the best Butterscotch cake available in Lucknow but it will be of no use if one of them turned out to be a butterscotch hater. Having some kind of Idea is a must.

Chocolate cake usually works with everyone. There are many bakeries in Lucknow that are known for their chocolate cakes. For instance,German truffle cake from Mr. Brown Bakery is a treat for those who can never ever have enough of chocolate.

But chocolate is not the end of the world. The Red Velvet cake is a rage in Lucknow for a reason. The red color symbolizes love and compassion making it a perfect choice as an anniversary cake.

Another flavor that makes a perfect choice for anniversary cake can beBlueberry.  It has a subtle flavor which can be a good option for those who need a break from regular flavors.

Size matters… A lot

Would you like to be in a party where hosts run out of cake? Of course not. Please make sure you never become that host. A cake too big can never ever be a problem. We all love to have leftover cake for the breakfast the next morning. But having a cake too small to fit everyone’s palate can be embarrassing, to say the least.

Hence it’s advisable to have the right size cake. Please make your guest list before ordering the cake. If you are not sure how much quantity of cake will suffice your guests, please ask your bakery to help. The experienced staff will always help you decide the right size.

The shape of the cake

The heart is a good choice and why not an anniversary is a matter of two great hearts after all. In other occasions, it might look a bit cheesy but not in anniversary.  If you want to surprise your friends on their wedding anniversary, you can send them a heart shaped cake online in Lucknow.

But wait, the heart-shaped cake looks good for a small gathering or when it’s just two of you celebrating the togetherness. But cutting a giant heart-shaped cake in front of 50 odd people can be a bit awkward.

Ideally, the couple should go for Two-tier cake when the guest list is long but a rectangular or square shaped cake is not a bad idea either.

But do consider two-tier or three-tier cake if it’s your 25th or 50th anniversary. The cake should be special after all. There are many Bakeries in Lucknow that designs special anniversary cake.  

If you want a designer cake in Lucknow…

If you want to have a designer cake to make your day even more memorable, please make sure you put a considerable amount of time deciding the apt design or theme. If you are the couple choosing the cake, take your time to go through designs together.

A pretty two-tier flower cake can be a good idea. Or maybe you can go for the one that has a picture of you two together.

If you are gifting the cake to your spouse, you should go for the themes or design which defines your wife. It could be something she is fond of. If you are a husband whose wife is a fond of cartoons, you can get a cake made out of her favorite cartoon character.

If she is fond of makeup, get a makeup theme done, which is very in these days.

And if you are a wife gifting cake to your husband, you can get a car-shaped cake. If he’s into football, you can get a football-themed cake.

Choices can be endless, you just have to sit and wrack your brain.

Choosing the Best Bakery in Lucknow

You are done choosing the flavor, you have decided on designs but that means nothing if you haven’t chosen the bakery yet. In the world of internet, online reviews say a lot. Search for the best bakeries in Lucknow that makes special cakes online and you will have it easy choosing the right bakery.

There are many bakeries in Lucknow that make customized anniversary cakes, Mr. Brown is one of them. They have three outlets in Lucknow, namely Aliganj, Hazratganj, and Gomtinagar. You can go to the one nearest to your house.

Once you have finalized the bakery, it is advisable to provide your bakery ample time to work on the design. Beautiful big designer cakes take time. However, if it’s just the simple cake in your mind you can order online too. There are some bakeries that deliver cakes the same day in Lucknow.

Good luck choosing the cake!

Get Yummy Tiramisu Cake In Lucknow To Make Your Occasion Special

Cakes are always yummy. Chocolate, Mixed Fruit, Butterscotch, Pineapple and what not. Just a sight of a beautiful cake is enough to put smile on anybody’s face. And the smile gets wider once they taste it. As much as we love cake, we also know for the fact that not everybody has sweet tooth. We all have at least one friend who doesn’t like desserts ( cake)  as much as we do. Even on their birthdays, they will not have more than one bite of cake ever. On prior order, you can get their cakes customized but if you are looking for something instant, just go for Tiramisu cakes.

More and more people in Lucknow are buying Tiramisu cake for its intense coffee flavour which is sweet but not very sweet.

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert which has layers of coffee soaked vanilla cake and mascarpone cheese. Tiramisu cake is layered with Coffee flavoured icing and has generous sprinkling of Coffee powder and chocolate shaving.

Tiramisu cake is rarely found in Lucknow bakeries. However, Mr Brown is one of the few bakeries in Lucknow to be selling Tiramisu cakes in Lucknow that are as as good on eyes as on taste.

Look at this


This elegant looking cake has distinct and slightly bitter flavour of coffee which is balanced with the sweetness of frosting and chocolate shavings. Kids might not like it much but it is ideal for adults who are not fond of sweets that much.

This cake can add charm to any occasion, be it birthday or anniversary. In fact, this cake doesn’t even need  any occasion as it’s not overly sweet and creamy like other cakes.

To make this cake yours, you just have to walk to Mr. Brown, they have outlets in Hazratganj, Aliganj and Gomti Nagar. If you are too busy to visit the bakery, you can simply log in www.mrbrownbakery.com and buy cake onlineMr Brown will deliver your cake same day.

Gifting Cookies, Chocolate And Baked To The Guests At Wedding

Mr. Brown Bakery

Right from the day wedding is fixed till the time Bride goes to her husband house, sweet plays integral part in wedding. The age old tradition of gifting a box of sweet to the relatives and friends is still prevalent and perhaps always will be. Instead of gifting a box full of regular Desi Mithai,have you ever thought of giving your relatives a pack of cookies, chocolates and baked sweets like Baklava.

Wedding trends are changing in Lucknow and all over India. More and more people are having theme-based and destination weddings these days. The wedding menu is getting trendy, why should the wedding return gifts still be the same old box of Desi Sweet?

mr brownGifting a box of chocolate, cookies and Baklava will be a refreshing change for following reasons.

  1. It is trendy. Yes, it is. Your outfits are getting trendy; your photography pattern is getting trendy. Your wedding menu is getting trendier everyday, why should your guests get that same old box of sweet? Gifting a box of assorted cookies or chocolate will be quite a style statement. Gifting a box of yummy cookies or Baklava along with an invitation card will leave a lasting impression. There are many Bakeries in Lucknow selling variety of cookies and chocolate. Mr. Brown Bakery has even variety of Baklava’s to choose from.
  2. Cookies and chocolate usually last longer than any Desi Mithai. Your guests can keep chocolate and cookies for weeks in fridge and they will still be fit to consume while every Desi mithai perishes after few days they are made.
  3. They are yummy! People any day prefer Chocolate and cookies overLadduBarfi or Soan Papdi. The guests will bless the couple even more after they eat Yummiliciuous cookies and specially crafted chocolates. Bakeries like Mr. Brown make best of them.
  4. There are variety of Chocolates, Cookies and Baklava available in Bakeries in Lucknow. Mr. Brown, for instance has Chocolate Kaju Cookie and Choco Chip CookieThey also have Salty cookies likeJeera Butter Cookies and Ajwain Jalebi cookies. In fact, they even have Maida free cookies for health conscious people. You can buy cookies made from oats or your health conscious guests.
  5. Coming to chocolates, if you are looking for special chocolates for special guests, Mr. Brown has array of premium chocolates, like nut coated chocolates, Rum chocolates, Raspberry chocolates and Green tea Chocolates. Guests don’t always remember the decoration or themes but they will never forget how their taste buds felt. Baklava
  6. Baklava might not last like chocolate and cookies but it can be refreshing change from Regular sweets. Your health conscious friends will thank you for this delicious baked dessert filled with nuts and honey. Bakeries in Lucknow have only recently started selling Baklava. Mr. Brown has more than one variety of it, like Roll BaklavaAlmond Baklava and Pouch Baklava.
  7. If you are a guest yourself, looking for a perfect wedding gift, then nothing can be better than a box of yummilicious cookies or chocolates. The couples after all need some stress buster after days of wedding rituals! Gift a box of chocolate and cookies to the couple and they will always remember you!

Gift your friends Baklava- A baked Dessert Filled With The Goodness of Nuts And Honey

BaklavaGifting a pack of sweets to our loved ones is a norm that is followed by people across the world. It’s mostly cookiechocolates, and pie in west well we desi love to greet with sugary ghee-laden sweets. In good old days, Ghee and sugar were the synonyms to love.

That’s how elders showered their love- by making our food richer by adding more Ghee and sugar.

But that was then. It’s 2018 and people have no greater enemy than sugar. No wonder they no longer enjoy eating Desi Mithai, the way they used to. But little can we do about customs and traditions, when there’s an occasion to greet our loved ones, there have to be sweets.

Replacing Sugary greasy sweets with Baklava


But who says greasy sugary sweets can’t be replaced with something baked and comparatively less sweet. Baklava, a Mediterranean desert is everything that a new-age dessert should be.

Baklava is quite popular in Metros and it is slowly catching up with Lucknowites. It has multiple layers of filo pastry which is filled finely chopped nuts and immersed in honey before finally getting baked at low temperature to retain its flavor and original texture.

Nobody actually knows where the Baklavas originated. Greek says it belongs to them while Turks believe it was prepared for the first in Turkey during Ottoman empire.

Whatever is the origin, there’s no denying the fact that it is a yum delight, to say the least, and is found in many countries like Afghanistan, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Lisbon and many more.

There are some bakeries, like Mr. Brown that sells Baklava in Lucknow. In fact, Mr. Brown is one of the first Bakeries in Lucknow make authentic Baklavas for their customers.

Why should you gift Baklava


As stated above, Baklava can be a good gifting option mainly because it’s healthier than Indian sweets. It is important to mention that it is equally tasty.

In Middle-eastern countries, it is a popular dessert choice during the month of Ramadan. Because it is loaded with nuts, people like to have it after they break their fast when they feel low on energy. This explains Baklava popularity across the world.

When you gift somebody a pack of Desi Mithai like Laddu or Barfi, chances are there that the box will be lying in their fridge for weeks.

Baklava comes as a breath of fresh air especially during the festivals like Diwali, Holi, and Eid, when you don’t visit anybody without a pack of sweets.

The fridge gets stacked with sweet boxes and there’s little desire left to have those same sugary sweets all the time.  In such cases, a box of Baklava seems like a respite.

Gifting Baklava to your relatives and friends in festivals will make them feel special. And sending a pack of Baklava to your clients will leave a lasting impression for sure.

Who would be impressed with health-conscious people who understand the art of gifting equally well? A pack of Baklava can surely help you seal the deal!

Bakeries in Lucknow usually have more than one variety of Baklavas. Mr. Brown Bakery, for instance, sell different kinds of Baklava namely, Roll Baklava, Almond Baklava, Nest Baklava etc. You can see how they look at their website www.mrbrownbakery.com and you can even order online too.

Baklava for all occasions


You don’t need any occasion to have something as yummy and healthy as Baklava, for instance…

1) You can buy the pack for yourself and savor it during tea time. Or can put it in your children tiffin box along with fruit of their choice. It is surely much better than giving them something like Cake or Biscuits.

2) You can also have a Baklava or two after dinner along with a scoop of ice cream. The crunch of nuts and sweetness of honey will go very well with vanilla ice cream.

3) Serving Baklava with tea to your unexpected but important guests will leave a good impression.

4) Not only that, it can be a very good dessert option for kitty parties and small gatherings. So what are you waiting, go get your pack of Baklava now!

Blueberry Cake: An Exotic Cake To Make Your Day

Cakes are food for hungry soul. The joy of licking the yummy frosting after you eat the melt-in-mouth cake is unmatchable. The good thing about cake is that they come in varieties. Chocolate, Pineapple, Mix Fruit , Mango and so on. All of them taste so tasty that you want them again and again.

Mr. Brown Bakery

However, if you are looking for something exotic for your birthday or your friend’s birthday, you should try Blueberry CakeMore and more people in Lucknow are getting Blueberry Cakes on their special occasions because they look as good as they taste. Blueberry cake is still not common as other cakes in Lucknow but some Bakeries like Mr. Brown sells amazing Blueberry cakes.

Blueberry is an exotic fruit and it is hardly grown in India. However, dried blueberry is widely available in India and so is Blueberry jamThe beautiful Blue color that you see on your cake either comes from Blueberry jam or Blueberry syrup. While the dried blueberry are generously added on base to make it flavorful. The end results are always beautiful and delicious.

There are many varieties of Blueberry cakes available in Lucknow. For instance, look at this one from Mr. Brown bakery.

This is a beautiful cake topped with bright blue blueberry jam and embellished with white chocolates and cherries. Every bite of this soft fluffy cake is a bliss. This delightful beautiful cake can beat any sort of blue. Gift this lovely cake to your loved ones and see them beaming with happiness.

Now look at this one.

This is a simple Blueberry cake with Blueberry glaze and whipped cream frosting. This yummy cake can add charm to any occasion. Gift this cake to your partner on your anniversary to relive those simpler times.

If you are looking for something fancy, then look at this one, again fromMr. Brown Bakery

Mr. Brown Bakery

This is again a glaze cake but with cherry toppings. Now this is what we call truly exotic cake.

If you are too busy to go to the store, you can easily buy your Blueberry cake onlineThere are many Bakeries in Lucknow who are selling cakes online and deliver the cake on same day.

If you want customization, let your Bakery know. You can also make beautiful fondant cakes out of Blueberry flavors. Whatever you do,Blueberry cakes will always taste awesome.